Improving the lives of animals, vet staff and researchers

Utilizing technology is crucial in providing support for a research facility to navigate the challenges posed by maintaining animal health and welfare. A well-chosen system can improve the daily workflow of your staff, helping with both efficiency and staff retention. It can also help with compliance and accreditation reporting, leaving you with more time to focus on your primary customers – the animals.

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Effectively manage health alerts, treatment plans, procedures, and an unlimited number of user defined events, while keeping vets and researchers informed via the integrated email system.  Perform ad hoc or pre-scheduled tasks for individuals or groups of animals.  Integrates with the Elements Billing module for billed services.


Utilize the functionality to suit your specific needs. Define your own tasks and data collection processes, access a personalized task dashboard and filter massive amounts of data for efficient searches.

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Provides the power to schedule and track animal care information on a daily basis. Captures clinical care data to keep everyone alert to the needs of the animals in your care.

Topaz is proud to have already begun providing this service to a number of clients, including Vanderbilt, an internationally recognized research university in Nashville, Tennessee. See what the University has to say about our product and services:

"At Vanderbilt University in Nashville, as well as in most other research focused academic institutions, the facility staff are focused on effectively serving our customers. These customers include the researchers, our own husbandry and vet technician staff, and most importantly, the animals in our care.

When it comes to dealing with animal health issues, we identified a few key objectives for improvement when reviewing our current processes:

  • Communication of health issues and expectations to the researchers. This can directly improve animal care based on timely interventions, but also allows the PIs to control their spending more closely (we allow the research teams to treat their own animals in many cases).

  • Improving efficiency for our facility staff. For us, staff retention and job satisfaction within the facility is the most effective way to ensure the quality of animal care and running of an efficient program.

  • More accurate and timely billing.  When veterinary services are billed to the PI, having the costs captured directly and billed as part of their monthly facility bills allows more efficient processing, more visibility for the PIs, and better cost recovery for us.

As an existing user of TOPAZ Elements, it made sense for us to take advantage of the Veterinary Management module in order to achieve these objectives. Fortunately, we were already integrated with the rest of the TOPAZ Elements services. As such, our animals, cages, PIs, rooms, and staff are conveniently in the system already and did not need to be set up."



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